Which magazines endorse presidential candidates?

This Plot with Christine is cross-posted from my personal blog, underthecurve

updated Nov. 3, 2016 to add The Economist’s Clinton endorsement

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Source: raw data here, code forthcoming

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The New Yorker is endorsing Hillary Clinton for President in its October issue. A Democratic endorsement from a historically liberal magazine is not too newsworthy, but it got me wondering: Which magazines have endorsed presidential candidates (and how often)?

Unlike newspaper editorial boards, which I’ve written about in the past, magazine editors generally do oversee a lot of published content. Perhaps for this reason, it is not common practice for magazines to endorse candidates.

But some magazines have made endorsements over the years. And several others have voiced their opinions for the first time this year. Some of them are quite colorful.

Noah Veltman’s tally of newspaper endorsements inspired me to make my own graph to track magazine endorsements:

Take a look at this post on my blog, underthecurve, where I’ve included links to and interesting excerpts from the actual articles.

Which magazines endorse presidential candidates?

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